Invest in Your Library Community Today

The Pierce County Library Foundation is building its board to better reflect the communities we live in, the people we serve and the programs that promote thriving literacy rates. Read below to learn more about our work and how you can become involved.

Our Board

The Pierce County Library Foundation Board of Directors serves as the governing body for the organization, ensuring the advancement of the Foundation’s mission. Members are responsible for steering the organization towards achieving its financial goals and commitments; focusing on high­ level strategy, oversight and financial accountability.

Becoming a Board Member: Roles and Expectations

Pierce County Library Foundation board members are responsible for the following:

  • Collaborate with the Foundation Director to effectively lead the organization to generate outcomes that align with our mission.
  • Actively participate in Foundation fundraising activities that promote and advance the mission and vision of the Foundation.
  • Review, advise and uphold policies that guide the work of the Foundation and the role of board members.
  • Connect and represent the Foundation within personal and professional circles, as is allowed.
  • Make a personally meaningful annual contribution to Pierce County Library Foundation.
  • Attend, support, promote and seek financial contributions of/to/for Foundation events.
  • Attend five board meetings per year as well as the annual retreat.
  • Participate in one board committee or taskforce.

The Pierce County Library Foundation staff will offer the following support to board members:

  • Provide access to information regarding the strategic initiatives, business plan and fundraising plan of the Foundation.
  • Provide monthly financial reports.
  • Provide connections with fellow board members and staff.
  • Help deepen board members’ understanding of the important role of libraries to our society and the critical need to strengthen literacy in our Pierce County communities.

Board Committees

Executive Committee
Finance and Audit Committee
Governance and Board Development Committee

Nomination and selection process

Interested individuals are invited to join Dean Carrell, Foundation Director, for a conversation to learn more about the Foundation and the board. Select candidates will be invited to complete an application for service and will be contacted by the Foundation Director or a Governance Committee member regarding next steps.

Contact Dean Carrell at 253-548-3456.