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with your Pierce County Library card.
Person checking out books with the help of a librarian
Am I eligible?

You are eligible for a Pierce County Library card if you live or own property in Pierce County in one of the following areas:

  • Unincorporated
  • Tribal land
  • National park

Or one of these cities or towns annexed to the library:

  • Bonney Lake
  • Buckley
  • DuPont
  • Eatonville
  • Edgewood
  • Fife
  • Gig Harbor
  • Lakewood
  • Milton
  • Orting
  • South Prairie
  • Steilacoom
  • Sumner
  • University Place
  • Wilkeson
Person checking out books with the help of a librarian

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Books, Magazines, Movies, Music and More at your Pierce County Library.

Use the library catalog to find, request and borrow books and magazines, museum passes, DVDs, music and audiobook CDs and more from more than 600,000 items.

Visit your Pierce County Library, find the items you’d like to check out and use your library card to borrow the items. Use the easy-to use self-checkout stations or if you would like assistance, friendly staff will help you.

No matter how much you love to read, listen or watch, we’ve got you covered. You may check out up to 100 items and up to 30 digital items at a time.

Yes. You may borrow large print books or set your reading preferences for e-books to help you enjoy them better.

Learn how to set your reading preferences for e-books in the Libby app.

While in the online catalog, click the button on the right side of the page. If you chose “availability by branch” you can see which library locations have this item and whether it is currently available.

If an item is being used by another person you may put yourself on the hold list for the item. When the item is returned, it will be sent to the next person in line.

Your Pierce County Library card gives you access to 19 different library locations. Simply have the items you’d like to request delivered to your favorite library location. When you place your hold, select the location where you’d like it sent and we’ll do the rest!

If you decide you do not want the item you requested, you may cancel the hold online by logging into your account, going to the requests tab, selecting the item with a checkbox and click cancel.

If the status is “Held,” the item is waiting for you. Call your library to cancel your hold.

If you would like to keep your request, but delay the time you receive the item, such as when you are going out of town or want to get a series in order, we can make that happen. Log into your account, go to the requests tab, select the item with a checkbox and click Suspend/Reactivate. You may enter a new activation date at the top of the page.

You have three choices for how you want the Library to tell you the items you have requested are ready for you to pick up or the items are due or overdue.

  • E-mail notices 
  • Telephone notices
  • Text notices

Sign up for notifications. 

Items you borrow are yours to enjoy typically for three weeks. If no one else has requested your item, you may renew your checkout for another three weeks. You may renew up to three times before you must return the item. Entertainment DVDs are available for one week.

E-books and audiobooks borrowed from OverDrive or the Libby app are available for 7, 14 or 21 days – you choose. Items can be renewed from within OverDrive or the Libby app within three days of their expiration so long as no one else is waiting for the item.

You may renew your items using one of the following: 

  • Renew by phone at 253-548-3344 or 800-346-0995 with your library card number, PIN (the last four digits of the phone number you used when signing up for your Library card) and the barcode numbers of the items you wish to renew. See sticker labeled Pierce County Library on back cover of book or case, or on first disk. 
  • Renew online by accessing your account through the catalog or Pierce County Library app  and selecting “Items Out.”
  • Renew by text by signing up for renewals by text notices. You will receive a text message when items you have checked out are due to be renewed. Reply to those messages to renew your items. 
  • Renew at a library location using a checkout computer to simply check out the item again with the same card. A staff member can also renew the item for you. 

The Library System does not charge fines for late items, however, please return your items on time so more people may enjoy them. 

We know it happens. If you do not return an item, you will be charged a replacement fee. We do not accept in-kind replacements of lost items.

Fees may be paid online by credit or debit card or in person by check or money order.

We know wear and tear is a normal part of use and we do not charge for damages in many cases. We may charge for damages on recently purchased items. If you damage an item, please return it to us.

Although Pierce County Library offers a very large selection of books and other materials, the Library may occasionally not own the specific book or article you want. In most cases you can request it from another library elsewhere in the country and pick it up at your local library through Interlibrary Loan (ILL).

Learn more about Interlibrary Loan.

You may, however,  you must renew Interlibrary Loan items by contacting your library or e-mailing ill@piercecountylibrary.org. You may not renew these items with the automated renewal by phone service or with your online account.

Check out e-Books, Audiobooks and Magazines from OverDrive and Libby.

To check out or download digital media, you’ll need a Pierce County Library card, access to the Internet, and a personal computer, smartphone or tablet. You may borrow and read, listen to or watch selections directly in your internet browser on OverDrive. If you have a phone, tablet or e-reader device download the Libby app, available on the Apple Store and Google Play.

Learn more with these helpful videos:

Download the Libby app
Find a book using Libby
Download an e-book with Libby

Find out how to do more with Libby including returning your book early, adjusting play speed and delivering your holds later.

You can listen to Libby with your device audio or through Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and Sonos Devices. You can also listen through Google Home and Amazon Echo using bluetooth.

Yes! OverDrive/Libby have e-books for kids of all ages. Your library access also includes Tumblebook Library and Tumblebook Math, which provide a dynamic collection of narrated e-books for younger readers.

Additionally, TeenBookCloud provides e-books on demand for middle school and high school students, including many classics.

You may notice some delays and longer wait times to check out e-books and audiobooks. Top publishers are placing further restrictions in purchasing and pricing models for libraries, including the Pierce County Library. 

Publishers limit the choices libraries may offer you. We share frustration with the publishing model, although, we offer nearly 400,000 great e-books and audiobooks. 

Library associations and libraries across the country have urged publishers to consider the true impact of these limitations on readers. 

Access Additional Resources Available with your Library Card.

Your Pierce County Library opens a world of imagination and information through more than just books. Check out these additional resources: 

Pierce County Library System has made reciprocal borrowing agreements with other libraries, allowing people who live in one library’s service area to check out books and other items from another library for free and vice versa. Find the full list of partner libraries.

Visit the Library.

Everywhere! Find a location near you and visit today.

Find Library hours and all you need to know about the Pierce County Library’s locations on this website. Learn more about what each location provides.

The Pierce County Library creates inclusive, welcoming and respectful spaces and experiences for all community members. The Library supports activities and usage that is safe, non-discriminatory, and advances the varied ways customers choose to engage with the Library. Specific behaviors are required to maintain this positive and beneficial environment.

Learn more about the Library Rules of Conduct.

Bring the Library to your city or town.

A city or county is responsible to provide library service. By Washington state law, library districts are required to provide library service to people living in unincorporated areas of a county. Cities and towns may vote to annex to a library district.

In general, annexation involves three steps:

  1. A city or town council would need to pass a resolution to ask voters if they would like to annex to Pierce County Library for service.
  2. The Library’s Board of Trustees would need to pass a resolution that agreed with annexing the city or town.
  3. Voters in the city or town would need to pass a measure by a simple majority (50% + 1 vote) to approve annexing.

Residents would have full library services. A library district could tax homeowners. Property taxes are the primary funding for the Pierce County Library.

In 2024, Pierce County property owners and the 15 cities and towns annexed to the Library System are paying $.34 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value. As an example, for the average assessed home in Pierce County of $485,000 that would be $164 in taxes for 2024.